Sep 7, 2017

Red Lodge Fawn

Rockvale Mt Man gone!

A few months ago I noticed that a Rockvale Mt Icon was missing.  Since we have moved temporarily to Minnesota I only noticed that this icon was gone went we went back to visit our home in Montana. 
I FB'd the new owners of the Fort where he resided and they informed me that the Icon was sent to a Museum in Idaho.  :(  
Every trip from Red Lodge to Billings it was there.  
I always thought that it would be there... Always. 
It never occurred to me that someday when the Fort was sold that it wouldn't just carry on as the icon that it was.  
I am still disappointed that it is no longer there, The protector of the travelers from Red Lodge to Billings.  Each time I drive by I look at the empty concrete block that it used to sit on and feel weirdly sad.  Not that is the worst thing ever.  But it is still sad. 

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Garden spider

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winter wonderland

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Late summer

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Beartooth rally

Sep 28, 2013

Angry bird

not ready for winter..  :(

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